Today, we are introducing you Whatsapp plus. As we all know, how much Whatsapp has made our life easy. People almost need not recharge their message pack simply because they have Whatsapp now. Well now, it’s time for a customized version of Whatsapp which is known as Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus is nothing but a particular mod which basically changes the old Whatsapp look. Furthermore, it also facilitates the user to customize the basic interface of Whatsapp and apart from that it also adds many new features which the older version actually does not provide. In short, we can actually consider the new version of Whatsapp as something special.

New Features That Are Provided By The Whatsapp Plus

So let us discuss below the features or rather the new features that we are having in this particular new version of Whatsapp.

  • The default Whatsapp is actually having the green color. The new Whatsapp pluscolor is actually blue. You can, as the user, also change the Whatsapp notification along with the Whatsapp Icon color to any color you decide to like red, green, orange, purple. It is indeed amazing to customize the Whatsapp just the way you like it to be. This is indeed going to be the most favorite feature among the users.



  • The default uploading limit of Whatsapp media is somewhere near 10- 12 mb. The new version of Whatsapp app actually facilitates you to upload or increase till the limit of nearabout 50mb. The default limit that is provided is upto 16mb. It is getting way better for the new version of Whatsapp.
  • It might have been pretty difficult for you to share high quality images in the previous version of Whatsapp. If at all you have tried to send the high quality image then no doubt the image would have become quite blurred along with the reduction of its size and quality. But the best factor of Whatsapp Plus is that you could easily send the images without any type of prior reduction of any of the size or any properties of the image.
  • In the old Whatsapp you could not have changed the color settings. The new Whatsapp or the Whatsapp plus actually gives you the facility to change the chat head color or the background color or any other that you wish to.
  • Earlier the Whatsapp didn’t use to support voice messages. So for sending the voiced messages you would have to switch the pother platforms but now you need not have to worry about that anymore, simply because the new version of Whatsapp Plus is actually going to allow you to send voice messages without any hassles. So your favorite Whatsapp is actually finding more uses for you.
  • The old Whatsapp would not have facilitated you to install the themes. But the new one would actually allow you to install themes as it itself comes with many themes which are made just for you. You can completely change the look of your whatsapp.
  • You can easily open any person’s chat and you can easily view the media that have been sent by the person to you.
  • You can even attach the location as well as send it to your friends and also send multiple messages to the group too.

 Whatsapp Plus Free Download Android

Latest Whatsapp plus for  Android 

Latest Whatsapp plus for  Android 

Whatsapp Plus for Android

Whatsapp Plus For Nokia Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL

Whatsapp Plus For iPhone ‘( Coming Soon )

  • Use the related link to download the Whatsapp plus.
  • You need to first delete your old whatsapp before installing the new one. Make sure you take the backup.
  • After you have taken the backup you can delete the old Whatsapp and then start with installing the new one and then use it.

Whatsapp Plus For PC -{Run Whatsapp Plus on PC}

  1.  Download Andy emulator from here. You can not run whatsapp plus on bluestacks emulator.
  2. Just browse your dowloaded APK file.
  3. Just Install that apk file.
  4. Follow the procedure as given here

Enjoy whatsapping on your pc with the help of whatsapp plus. Let us know your view via comment section on whatsapp plus.