Today’s tutorial is all about how to turn your Android into a high-end business phone (similar to these ones) using RingCentral. This convenient mobile app helps you rely on the flexibility and efficiency of your cutting-edge business phone system on the road. Thanks to RingCentral, you can access your business phone’s main functions from absolutely anywhere, staying in touch with clients and monitoring employees.

Turn Your Android Device into a Business Phone

RingCentral for Android, a solid business app, is an alternative to the highly traditional PBX phone system. It’s magnificently great for business owners with staff members at one or multiple locations, especially those with Android and iOS mobile devices. Entrepreneurs love RingCentral as it integrates Google, DropBox and SalesForce, providing VoIP telephone system management at the palm of their hands.


According to PCMag, “The RingCentral app transforms any Android phone into a full-fledged extension on the RingCentral PBX to keep mobile workers connected to the office and customers.” As you can see, RingCentral mobile app lets business owners and employees keep up with numerous tasks when they’re away from their workplaces, staying connected and boosting productivity.

Check out the app’s huge benefits:

  1. Use your business number for texting, calling and faxing.
  2. Handle your entire business phone system: departments, offices, direct numbers and extensions, no matter where you are.
  3. Avoid missing important calls thanks to the automatic call handout feature.
  4. Users can rely on HD voice quality to enjoy clearer sound.
  5. Make and receive calls using VoIP (even while travelling abroad) over Wi-Fi, without wasting carrier minutes.
  6. Use pre-defined text-to-speech message to answer calls or send callers to voicemail automatically without interrupting your current call.
  7. Enhance communication effectiveness thanks to great features: advanced call control for call flip, park and/or recording.

Where Can I Download RingCentral App for Android?

You can download this powerful app on Google Play. Just enter RingCentral on the search field and install once you find the app. The mobile app works on Android version 4.0 or higher.

How Can I Have Video Meetings Using RingCentral App?

It’s quite simple! Simply tap the Meetings icon in the main menu of the app and choose SCHEDULE A MEETING or INSTANTLY START A MEETING. Up to 50 people can join the meeting.

How Can I Make Calls Using RingCentral App?

Thanks to VoIP, you can rely on making calls using RingCentral App without using your carrier minutes as well as avoiding international roaming charges overseas. Simply connect to 3G/4G data network or Wi-Fi and you’re all set!

How Can I Fax Files Using RingCentral App?

Since you can forward, send and receive faxes from anywhere, you automatically improve productivity. You can fax several files to a number of recipients at once as well as attachments, photos or files from DropBox from your Android mobile device.

We hope this tutorial comes in handy. Now it’s your turn to download RingCentral mobile app and start enjoying lower costs and enhanced productivity. What are you waiting for? If you have already downloaded this marvelous app, please tell us about its usefulness in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.