Let’s Play Angry Birds Space

Today presenting you how to play angry birds space online for free. We all know angry birds, it is the best game we ever had and it also has seven hundred million downloads and going. But for the creator of this game  there is a huge problem because with so much popularity it is very difficult to create a sequel that has totally different feeling  only then it will stand up to the mark of those who like playing angry birds. Developer of this game Rovio got his answer from gravity and created a new sequel and now you can Play Angry Birds Space online.

play angry birds space

Play Angry Birds Space Game Kids

The basics of the game are not changed and you have to smash those green pigs with a singles hot. Everything seems to be simple and known so what the difference is. There is an amazing and huge amount of action in the new sequel. First, now you play angry birds space with different smashing material. There are different birds, which you can choose, and there is that standard red bird too. Other projectiles having features  includes blue  ones  that acts like cluster bombs, black birds explode with one tap and green birds are ideal for smashing huge structures. The new addition in the space version is the purple bird, which can be used as a homing missile, ice birds will freeze structure parts, this will make easy to destroy the structures. The new changes are simple AND great without losing the Hold of the older version.

Twist in the Play Angry Birds Space online

The twist in the game is that you will get the advantages of gravity rather than playing on the normal surface and the pigs are spread all over the space. They are on different planetoids having their own gravity field, which is also highlighted by an aura in blue color, which affects movements of the birds you fire at them. This is a great puzzle and challenge. You can use the gravity field of the planetoids to curve your bird angle to reach your targets, which are nested inside them.

New additions in Play Angry Birds Space online

There are several other new additions made in the game such as some levels also has hidden space eggs, which can take the players to bonus level. Other levels have characters such as robot which is pig piloted. You cannot destroy them directly so you will need the aid of the asteroids floating nearby. Smash your birds in the machine and this will hit the target. This type of battle depends upon luck than your skills but you will not find any difficulty in finishing this game.

Play Angry Birds Online Free

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Play Angry Birds Space Online

Wrap – Up : Angry Birds Games Space

This game is highly addictive in fact more than the original version. Even if you cannot smash the pigs and feel frustration than also you are highly motivated to end this game no matter what it cost. You will keep coming back and now you can also Play Angry Birds Space online and have more fun. Play it anywhere you like by just having an internet connection.

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