Today’s tutorial is on How To Run iOS Apps On PC – Play iOS Games on  PC. Well there is no best way to run the iPhone apps on pc or the iPad apps on your Windows or the Mac pc. The only way it can be done is by using the simulator which helps you to do so. The best simulator in this regard is nothing but iPadian. Running apps on a pc is made much easier than ever with help of simulators.

How To Run iOS Apps On PC - Play iOS Games on PC


Method 1: How To Run iPhone Apps and Games On PC-(Windows Tutorial)

iPadian is actually a free Adobe AIR based iPad simulator which actually allows you to run more iPhone and iPad apps in the iPad like interface on your own PC desktop.

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Well there are some significant down sides to this as well. You may not be able to access the Apple App store. You may be only restricted to the iPadian’s own custom app store. With the iPadian’s own store there are actually plenty of apps. Inspite of all the apps that it is having it appears quite limited. There may be other interface issue which is likely to affect most computers or laptops that are running any simulators of this type. The iPad is basically designed for touch. Therefore it is implied that using the same mechanism in your system using the mouse and PC will never bear the same result. Though you can obviously use the buttons by simply clicking them it would actually feel a bit clunky. The program may not even allow you to use the mouse to simulate the swipes. You can just spin the mouse to scroll occasionally.

Download iPadian 2 for Windows

The best stuff would actually be that the iPadian will be providing complete iPad-like environment for you to browse the web, view the email client and also use the social networking apps, music, videos and photos and much more are there to explore. Surprisingly it is also portable and there are absolutely no hassles with the installation. You can easily use it.

Video Tutorial TO Run iOS Apps On PC (Windows, Mac)